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Learning in Business

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Is learning at work more than just seminars and training sessions? YES All companies have a culture or certain way of doing business, learning this culture is in itself one of the biggest issues facing new employees when they accept a position and for companies when they hire new staff. The way both sides handle this culture determines if you have a long term & happy or short term & unhappy association. Remember an unhappy worker that stays can cause more turbulence than one that is short term, but both can cost a company a lot of time and money. Owners and management teams have a heavy weight on their shoulders to make sure the employees they hire are a good fit for the company culture. The way businesses train and promote learning has a great deal to do with employee satisfaction. In a recent survey in the SHRM 2015...
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Workforce Management Systems – Is it worth your time?

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Workforce Management? What's that? Do I really need it? How does it fit for my business? Workforce Management is a fancy word for Time and Attendance, Timekeeping, or if you are from the old school – Punching the Time Clock! Whatever term you choose to use, managing your workforce is not as easy as it used to be. Grab a card, slide it in the slot on the time clock, listen for that satisfying "stamp", drop it back in the rack and off to work your employees go – Hi Ho Hi Ho Hi Ho. In our current day and age, creating schedules, managing shifts, tracking absences and reviewing timecards can be a daunting task. But with an effective and efficient time keeping system it doesn't have to be! If you haven't jumped into the waters of an electronic time and attendance system yet, here are a few Q&A's you might want to...
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Is learning at work more than just seminars and training sessions? YES All companies have a culture or certain way of d...