Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have a lot of employees to justify outsourcing my payroll?

No. Our clients range from one employee to hundreds of employees. Since the payroll and tax service are combined into one package, our clients experience a savings.

How do you charge for your service?

Your standard payroll/tax fees are based upon your processing schedule, the number of checks processed and the assumption that all of your employees are under one Federal ID.

What is included in the standard payroll/tax processing fee?

Checks signed and ready for distribution, an input worksheet for next payroll, a payroll register with YTD, employee profiles, a direct deposit report and an itemized payroll and tax liability report. It also includes a complete tax service. We prepare and file all Federal, State and Local tax returns, on the required frequency and provide the employer a copy for file. We make the Federal, State and Local tax deposits on the required frequency. You will also receive a W-2 for each employee paid during the year.

What do you need from our company to start the service?

We will gather company and employee setup information and employee earnings, deductions and taxes by quarter. We will also need a record of tax deposits made and a copy of tax returns filed for previous quarters of the current year. See our Resources Page for these forms.

How does it work? What do we do?

All you do is supply us with the hours, changes and non-recurring adjustments, by phone, fax, email, or walk-in, and we do the rest. It is the easiest way in the world to do payroll.

How do we pay for the service?

The payroll and tax liabilities along with our fee will be debited from your account by ACH transfer. By taking advantage of the ACH payment system, you don't even have to write a check.

How do we get the finished payroll back?

You may pick up the payroll at our office, we can email it with direct deposit, or choose any delivery service you like.

Does your service handle garnishment, 401k and other agency checks?

Yes, agency checks are made payable to the court or the plan administrator complete with the case number, employee(s) name(s) and a report or diskette for 401k administration.

If we get a penalty notice from a taxing agency, what happens?

Forward the notice to us and we will research and respond to it for you, at no charge. If the penalty is due to our error, we will pay the penalty and interest.

Who do we call with questions?

For payroll questions you may call our payroll specialists. For tax questions you may call our tax supervisor. For setting up time off accrual, general ledger and other optional features, you may call our customer support/service specialist. You may also call for a member of management at any time.

Are there any set-up or conversion fees?

Only the one time $1.50 per employee charge. We enter all company information and convert the employee YTD and QTD information from your records at no charge.

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