Payroll Services

Payroll Processing ServicesOur standard payroll and tax filing service is very comprehensive and a tremendous value! If, however, our standard payroll service does not satisfy all of your needs, our system provides you with many other options and features for you to choose from.

Columbia EDP will input your payroll information from the input worksheet that you phone in, fax, mail, deliver, email or you can utilize our remote client. There are many features included in the standard payroll / tax service fee.

Every Pay Period

  • Checks (Check stubs display earnings, deductions and taxes as both current and year-to-date figures)
  • Input Worksheet (used to report hours and other payroll input information)
  • Payroll Register with YTD (employers management report with employee department and company totals, both current and YTD for earnings, deductions and taxes)
  • Direct Deposit Report (employer's record of employees deposits)
  • Employee Profiles (employee file information)
  • Invoice (itemized listing of payroll expenses)

Additional features included in our payroll services:


We hope you have never experienced a busy signal from our fax machines, or data entry errors due to blurry faxes, or interrupting phone calls seeking clarification of an unreadable fax, but if you have, you could benefit from the convenience and dependability of our Esheets product. We set up an Excel spreadsheet that resembles your current input worksheet where you can quickly enter your payroll and email it to us. Our Esheets product is a better way to get your payroll input information to us and the best part is, there is no charge for Esheets!

Remote PC product

A version of our payroll software may be installed on your pc to enhance your accessibility to your payroll database. The software is password protected at many levels and transmissions are secured by the highest standard of encryption on the market today. This powerful tool will enable you to set up and maintain employee information, key your payroll, use the calculator to calculate off cycle checks (gross to net or net to gross), print reports at your location, keep tabs on vacation/sick leave and much more. You will also have access to your check register with a complete history of checks you have written to your employees. The register will display an actual image of the checks and stubs for each employee from the first check to current. We are happy to offer our Remote PC Product free of charge including installation and initial training!

Time off accrual tracking

Are you trying to accrue and track employee time off by hand or perhaps with another external application? We can make that job much easier by incorporating it into your payroll process. We can set up your accrual tables per your specifications; enter the employee balances and track and report accruals and usages as a part of the payroll process. Once it is set up, you simply report the hours used each pay period on your input worksheet and the system does the rest. You may also have the accrual and usage information displayed on the employees check stub.

General Ledger

General ledger entries for payroll related expenses can be generated during the payroll process. We can set up your general ledger from your chart of accounts and produce a general ledger report that contains your payroll related expenses. There are a number of options available that may enable you to import a general ledger file from the payroll processing into your accounting software directly. For instance, a general ledger file from the payroll process is compatible with and may be imported directly into Microsoft Excel. We would be happy to evaluate your accounting software for compatibility with Evolution and explore the possibility of importing into your software.

Worker’s Compensation

We have partnered with a local agent and a national carrier to bring our clients a better work comp solution. We are excited about the opportunity to add value to your business! This program is a pay as you go solution and is only available through us as your payroll service provider. The pay as you go method is a great way to maximize your cash flow. The lower premium rate is based on your actual wages paid each payroll, eliminating annual premium estimates. The program is virtually audit free and you can avoid big adjustments at policy year-end.

Benefits Administration

Our goal is to use our expertise in payroll and payroll tax to provide you with the best payroll/tax service possible. We hope you are totally satisfied with our service. We are also aware of your many needs in other areas such as employee benefits. So that we can provide you with the best solution in these areas, we have partnered with area experts to offer 401k’s, IRA’s, Section 125 Cafeteria plans, Insurance and other benefits. Our partnerships with these professionals ensure we are providing the highest level of expertise and the greatest value to our clients.

Custom Programming/Data Entry

Contact us with any custom programming or data entry needs you may have! We can help.

Labor Distribution

Distribute earnings, deductions and taxes between various departments.

Job Costing

Distribute earnings, deductions and taxes between various job sites.

Certified Payroll

For jobs and contracts that require certified payroll reporting. Report hours to us by day and job and the report will print all employees for each job.

Target Earnings/Deductions

You may target a specific earnings or deduction for a predetermined length of time and have it stop automatically when the balance equals the target amount (loans, contributions to charity, etc.)

New Hire Reporting

The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 (PRWORA), requires employers to report certain information on their newly-hired employees to a designated State agency.

Direct Deposit

Multiple Financial Institutions, Multiple Accounts, Net pay may be split between electronic deposits and paper checks (May be flat dollar or percentage amounts for deposits), All employees are not required to participate in order to take advantage of the Direct Deposit.

Pay Cards

We have partnered with The Callaway Bank to offer Paycard services. A Paycard is a way to pay all or part of your employees pay by utilizing our current Direct Deposit service. Your employee does not have to qualify for or maintain a checking or savings account. It is also a way to transfer money. A Paycard safely stores your employees money until they are ready to use it. They can then get their money easily at any ATM or use their Paycard to make purchases wherever Visa is accepted.


May be identified by name and/or number.

Multiple checks per employee per pay period

(i.e. regular check, bonus check, vacation check, and commission check)

Recurring earnings and deductions on any frequency

May also be blocked automatically on selected pay periods.

Reports sorted numerically or alphabetically

Any frequency (i.e. input worksheet numerically every pay period, register with YTD alphabetically every pay period and a personnel register alphabetically on a quarterly basis.)

Virtual Mail Room (VMR)

Want to get all of your reports emailed to you automatically each pay period? As our client we can do that free of charge for you! Your reports will arrive via an encrypted email, for security, the day your payroll is processed. Get your Invoice, Direct Deposit Report, Payroll Register and other important reports quicker than ever before.

Paycheck Messages

You may print a brief message on your employees check stub.