Payroll Services

Payroll Processing ServicesOur standard payroll and tax filing service is very comprehensive and a tremendous value! If, however, our standard payroll service does not satisfy all of your needs, our system provides you with many other options and features for you to choose from.

Columbia EDP will input your payroll information from the input worksheet that you phone in, fax, mail, deliver, email or you can utilize our remote client. There are many features included in the standard payroll / tax service fee.

Every Pay Period

  • Checks (Check stubs display earnings, deductions and taxes as both current and year-to-date figures)
  • Input Worksheet (used to report hours and other payroll input information)
  • Payroll Register with YTD (employers management report with employee department and company totals, both current and YTD for earnings, deductions and taxes)
  • Direct Deposit Report (employer's record of employees deposits)
  • Employee Profiles (employee file information)
  • Invoice (itemized listing of payroll expenses)

Additional features included in our payroll services: